The Knights of the West is not a political party, but we do, as principled men of the west, have positions on controversial political and moral issues.  Below is a list of some of these issues.

Feminism: We are anti feminism, we embrace the traditional role of women as wives and mothers. We believe that feminism is bad for men, women, and society.

Homosexuality: Homosexual acts are wrong.  They should not be committed and they should be condemned. Like all acts of sexual perversion, they attack the family building process, and corrupt the character of a man.

Islam: Islam is a terrible religion. It is a major source of pain and suffering in the world. Any adult who voluntarily subscribes to Islam is guilty of being evil at worst, and dangerous at best.

Abortion: Abortion is wrong in all cases. We see it as the taking of innocent life, as murder.

Guns: It is the right of every man of the west to be able to defend himself and his people by whatever means necessary.  Most often, the most practical tool for defense is a gun.  No man of the west will allow this tool to be taken from him, leaving himself and his people unprotected. 

Race: We acknowledge the differences among the races.  We believe that joy and fulfillment in life is increased when these races live separately amongst themselves on friendly terms with their neighbors.

Drugs: Not all drugs are equal. Some drugs used in moderation can be good for us, aspirin and antibiotics for example, other drugs should not be used at all (cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, oxycodone, and many others). Marijuana is one of the drugs that should not be used at all. Many people argue for the use of Marijuana by saying that it helps with a particular illness. This may be true for a small number of people, but when the bad effects of an action far outweigh the good effects, the action should be eliminated altogether.  As a general rule, the Knights are drug free.


A fraternal order for men of the west in North America.

Knights of the West