Knights of the West

     It is deep within a western man to want to be great, to want to be a part of something great.  Not for vainglory, not for material gain, or for fleeting feelings, but to fulfill a deep need, a true need, a strong good manly desire to build, to create, to protect, to make safe the citadel, to leave something great for those who come after, to be known by men of strong character, and to know them, and call them brother.

     It is deep within a western man to lay down his life for his brother, not some stranger from a distant land who knows not nor cares for the heart of his people, but his friend, his brother.  To say to another, "I shall go with you no matter the cost." and to know your loyalty will be repaid in kind, is a desire deep within us.

     For the fulfillment of these great and noble goals is the mission of The Knights of the West.  For too long we have been alone.  For too long we have kept one another distant. For too long we have had only superficial bonds of friendship among us, and for too long we have worshipped the false god of "Independence."  As with all the virtues, when they have been taken too far, they become vices.  Let us no longer shut ourselves up behind our doors and our screens. Let us embrace one another, let us join together in brotherhood, and let us build for ourselves and one another a life that is abundant in joy and goodness, so that when the end for us comes, we will not go to our maker feeling as if there was something left undone.

Our Mission

A fraternal order for men of the west in North America.